Local Socialite Found Dead

Local Socialite Found Dead

Wilcox Heir Shot at ‘Bohemian’ Soiree

by Sam Hartford

A grizzly scene was discovered in the house of Count and Countess Varga last night as well known socialite and estranged son of the Wilcox Family – Eugene Wilcox – was found DEAD, seemingly by his own HAND!

The incident happened on Friday night at a private and lavish affair thrown by the Hungarian nobles where our local Pillars of Society were seen dancing the night away to the sounds of Boogie Woogie music – with wine-drenched lips.

It was later that evening that eyewitnesses say that young Wilcox took company with worldly HUNGARIAN COUNTESSARIADNE VARGA! Sources say young Wilcox was having a torrid affair with the newly established resident.

Yet, local rumors and gossip speculated that something more was in the air! After young Mr. Wilcox joined the Lady Countess – a gunshot was heard by party-goers, and young Wilcox was found DEAD, apparently from a fatal shot to the head with a Derringer pistol!

Further accounts say the countess was last seen with Wilcox and somehow found herself on the ground – having seemingly fallen from a second-story window! The state of her health was unknown at press time.

Funeral arrangements for Eugene Wilcox are pending.

Did the young Wilcox push his beloved out the window in a fit of rage or MADNESS? Did she DENY his LOVE and instead try to take her own life – thereby forcing Wilcox to take his life BY HIS OWN HAND!?! And what of the mysterious man seen with a certain resident WIDOW?! He was reportedly seen climbing out a window! Was there more afoot!??!

There are many unanswered questions and many more to come! Police could not be reached for comment by press time, but the residents of our fair town can rest assured that the root of this heinous crime will be exposed!


Local Socialite Found Dead

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