Kingsport Society

Story So Far

Game Session 1:

On Friday, May 1st:

All attended the Vargas’ party. Eugene Wilcox found dead from a gunshot wound apparently “by his own hand!

Game Session 2:

Friday night, late, after the party:

Jacob Sullivan comforted Mr. Wicox and called Reverend Noah Ashton to help with grief.

On Saturday, May 2nd:

Jacob went to the police station, talked to Danny Mason about the details of Eugene’s death, then hired a maid service to clean the erroneously searched house, then went to the post office to compensate the unknown resident of said house. Had lunch/tea at Dorothy’s apartment and looked at the book taken from the Vargas’ by Sam. Went to Lippencott’s Books then home. Went back to police station to talk to Stewart Portman, who had turned himself in. After the interview and a healthy payment for information, went to the library to research Daniel Defoe.

Dorothy had lunch with Jacob, then went to Lippencott’s, where Jacob bought her a volume of Spirit Photographs from the occult section. She went home to pour over the book, but received a call from Barry Murphy indicating that Sam was at the police station (arrested) under questioning about a missing book that he was seen taking from the Varga house. Later, she went back to the police station with Jacob, and searched Portman’s impounded car while he and Jacob talked. She found a vehicle registration with an address and a page from a book auction catalog under the floor mat.

Maria found a note from Amy Lowell indicating she had returned to Brookline, then went to the Wilcox home, helped to arrange Eugene’s wake and funeral at the funeral home, then saw the Vargas walking from the Congregational Church. There, she talked to Rev. Noah Ashton, found out about the Vargas’ generous donation and Ariadne’s suggestion to hold a vigil in Arkham on Sunday evening. Ashton asked Maria to help keep the Vargas away from the funeral. Later, at home, she called the Arkham Advertiser to place a funeral announcement in Monday’s edition.

Sam woke up, read his own handiwork on the front page of the paper. Around noon, he received a call from Detective Mason., asking for an appearance at the police station. He learns that the Vargas had filed a report about a missing book, and during an interview with a trustworthy witness at the party about Eugene’s death, the witness also mentioned seeing Sam with an old book poking out of his pants just before the shooting. Mason told Sam that the Vargas would drop any unpleasantness if the book were returned.

Mason also gave Sam an earful about the “fanciful insinuations” in the article, and tells him to back off the muckraking in this story.

Mason: “This town just needs to cope with its grief and move on. The poor kid committed suicide, and that’s it. Probably lovesick. It happens. Coroner says he shot himself, powder burns around the entrance wound, and that’s it. Go ahead and quote me about that. Now where’s that book got to?”

Mason tried to call Dorothy, who wasn’t home, so called Barryat the paper. Barry later got in touch with Dorothy, who brought the book to Barry, and Barry brought the book down to the station. Sam was released around 3:30 in the afternoon on Saturday.

Game Session 3:

On Sunday:

Jacob called Dorothy and Sam to organize a lunch meeting.

Dorothy saw the Vargas at church ( Congregationalist), and noticed that Ariadne appeared to be bruised, but a closer look revealed that she was wearing makeup on her shoulders, seemingly intended to give the appearance of bruises on her body.

Maria, after church (Unitarian), gets a call from Grace about a trunk of Eugene’s belongings that had been sent from Eugene’s MU dorm. She asks for emotional support in sorting through her son’s things.

Jacob, after church ([[St. Francis’ Church | St. Francis’]]), gets a call from Edwin about the same trunk, saying that it might be of use in Jacob’s investigation.

Jacob and Maria met at the Wilcox house, attempted to comfort Grace and sorted through some of the items. Jacob invited Maria to the luncheon.

Dorothy prepared especially nice sandwiches for Jacob.

All met at Sam’s Fish Shack for lunch.

Sam called Lippencott as (“Mr. X?”) asking about differing editions of books and whether material would likely be dropped or added between editions of old books.

Maria called her own house to find out if she has any of Defoe’s first editions on hand to look at.

After wrapping up lunch, group went separate ways. Sam writes his article, Dorothy reads her spooky ghost book, Jacob makes an appearance at the wake, and Maria spends a couple of hours helping the Wilcox family there.

On Monday, May 4th

Road trip to Arkham.

Sam and Maria paid a visit to Dr. Roy, the Dean of Students, asked why Eugene’s belongings were returned to the Wilcox family so quickly. They also obtained Eugene’s dorm room number and the name of his roommate.

Jacob and Dorothy got into the Special Collections room at the MU library and fond a second edition of Defoe’s “A System of Magick” for comparison. They also found a more recent edition of A System of Magick to check out.

It is now around noon on Monday. Eugene’s funeral is scheduled for 2:00pm with services at [[H.F. Suhr Funeral Home | H.F. Suhr]], and graveside internment at Underwood Park Cemetery.



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