Kingsport Society

Session 9

● On Friday, May 15th, Maria and Gillian Ashton interviewed Sarah Endicott, a promising graduate student in history at Miskatonic University in nearby Arkham. Mrs. Ashton was impressed with Sarah’s interest in research about the Revolutionary War, and recommended that Sarah get the position. Job responsibilities were discussed.

● Jacob and Dorothy explored the burned wreckage of the Varga house, and discovered William Lippencott in the basement. Dorothy discovered he had taken a pamphlet from the scene, and the two investigators confronted him about it. Jacob eventually climbed up to the attic, where he saw a charred mass of spidery corpses.

● During a meeting at Maria’s house, Sam’s memories about his trip to Boston were apparently untangled through the use of honey, wine and cheese as sensory triggers — that his original assertions about evidence he’d discovered had been confused. There had been no connection between the KHS, the Harvard graduate school and the strange church he’d seen referenced in the department’s ledger.

● Jacob asked Sarah’s opinion of the marks on the outside of the KHS window. Sarah suspects claws, maybe an animal the size of a large dog. While the two are outside, Sam corners Aaron and confronts him about the things he might have heard at night. The tactic backfires, and Aaron calls for help.

● Neil Hazlitt followed Dorothy to the KHS

Neil, who was present at the party on Friday, begged for a look at the photo Dorothy took of the spider thing at the Varga fire. Soon after, he begins to cough blood, and then keeps over. His skull and body open like “an overripe melon” from the back, and thousands of slug-sized grubs spill onto the floor of the KHS, writhing like a cauldron of overcooked macaroni.



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