Kingsport Society

Session 8

The Aftermath of the Varga Fire

● Dorothy and Sam took Jacob to the hospital in Maria’s car. Maria stayed at the scene as firetrucks and police showed up. Maria told Mason that such huge spiders had hatched in the house and scared everyone, and that a fire had somehow broken out in the chaos. She showed him the remains of one that she had bashed with the butt of her shotgun.

● The remains of the spider were scooped into a glass jar, sealed and taken to the Kingsport police station for evidence.

● Maria’s gun was taken from her – though she later selected another one from her hunting collection and placed it in the trunk of her car.

● Jacob regained consciousness and was treated for his nasty abdominal wound. He spent his hospital time studying Defoe’s A System of Magick and studying Professor Armitage’s Greek dictionary, which contained some curious handwritten margin notes about Hyperborean mythology.

● On Sunday, Dorothy visited Gunter at Arkham Asylum and told him about the incident at the Vargas’. Hearing this seemed to calm him somehow. She also noticed that Glenda Barr, who had been present at both of the Varga parties, was under treatment there.
Maria sent a telegram to the Hotel Splendide to ask about Abbott, and to the harbormaster in Marseilles asking about the fate of the Columbiana.

● On Monday, Det. Mason visited Jacob in the hospital and grilled him for information about the party. Jacob told him that the food at the party had been drugged or poisoned, which would account for the strange stories and apparent mass hallucinations. Jacob learned that Neil Hazlitt had shut his shop down and had been missing since the party. Jacob also hears that there was an attempted break in at Neil’s shop.

● On Tuesday, Amy Lowell passed away. A funeral was set for Saturday.

● On Wednesday, the Kingsport Historical Society held an emergency board meeting to decide what to do about Aaron Hart. Maria proposed to hire a graduate student from Miskatonic University to help Mr. Hart part-time, and offered to pay a salary of $500. She also proposed to decrease the membership fee so that more people could afford to join, but that idea was voted down. Some of the members proposed to sell off some extra items in order to help the KHS back to solvency.



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