Kingsport Society

Session 7

● After the séance incident, Gunter Gerhardt ended up in a padded room at Arkham Asylum.

● Sam produced a ripped telegram and showed it to Maria. It read: “COLUMBIANA ABBOTT JR AND ALL HANDS LOST EN ROUTE FROM MARSEILLES TO ORAN STOP”. Maria asked for Mrs. Lowell to visit at her house. She showed the ripped telegram to Mrs. Lowell, who dismissed it as a Harvard student prank.

● Sam also related some information he obtained through a contact in Boston:

- There had been a $2231 ($33,456 in today’s dollars) donation to the School of Arts and Sciences.
- A few days later, the school paid $2231 to the Ottoman Orthodox Church.
- There were receipts and records indicating that Abbott Lowell Jr. (the President’s son, Maria’s husband) had spent about the same amount of money on travel expenses over the last couple of weeks.
- Zoltan met with a slender man, talking in an American accent, and was called “Dev.”
- Sam overheard this much clearly: “Look, Dev. We’re not — there’s a real chance for more rain if you keep at it, but I don’t think you want to start a squall with the Rainmaker. Get in touch with us after the auction, and then we’ll talk about the forecast.”
- Devon gave the slender man a book-shaped package, and received an envelope.
- The slender man returned to the Harvard Campus.

● Later that night, Maria, Jacob, Sam and Dorothy found themselves at the Varga residence attending another ill-fated party. The mood was subdued, but Ariadne was drunk and festive. She argued briefly with Zoltan, and the two rushed upstairs. As Maria ushered everyone toward the door, a scream peeled out from upstairs and Freda (the formerly mute servant) came running downstairs shouting “She’s killed him! She’ll kill us all!” Sam and Jacob ran upstairs. Jacob ran to Ariadne’s boudoir and discovered Zoltan’s shriveled body. He then rushed to the window, which was wide open, curtains blowing in the wind. Before all went black, the last thing Jacob remembered seeing was a giant insectoid claw stabbing him in the gut from outside the house.

Sam heard something thumping against the roof and then down the front of the house. He also heard something scuffling upstairs in the attic. He quickly found a pull-down ladder and climbed up, discovering a teeming mass of small spider things with oddly human faces.

Maria and Dorothy, along with a few fleeing and confused party guests, saw a huge horse-sized spider clambering down the front of the house from the roof. The thing pounced on Freda and tore her apart like a candy wrapper on the front steps. Maria rushed to her trunk to get her shotgun. Dorothy snapped a photograph, framing the spider-thing perfectly in the light and blinding it temporarily. The thing felt its way into the house, screaming “Babieeessss. My babieesss.”

Sam ran downstairs and grabbed as many bottles of alcohol as he could. Maria followed the thing into the building and fired her shotgun at it. Sam began throwing lit alcohol Molotovs onto the stairs, lighting the house with flames. Maria fired several times, but could not get a clean shot as it scrambled up the burning staircase. She ran around the outside and found a line of sight through a window. The thing lunged into the window but became stuck in the opening. Maria came closer and leveled a shot at its head, firing and decapitating the thing as she stared into its many eyes — and realized with horror that its face was Ariadne’s.

Dorothy found Jacob hanging halfway out the window on the other side of the house, webbed in with silk as strong as copper cable. She used gunfire to free his unconscious body from the window. He dropped to the ground just as Sam caught him. A few desperate attempts to give Sam first aid stabilized his condition.



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