Kingsport Society

Session 6

In which Jacob looks at medical examiner's reports and the group survives a harrowing seance...

● Sam was conspicuously absent, off on a misadventure of his own.
● Jacob bought Ephraim Sprague an expensive book as a “gift”, and obtained photos of the bodies of Bradford Taylor and Roger Hudson.
● Jacob, with help from Dorothy, enlarged the photograph and revealed that both corpses also had bite marks around the neck and shoulders.
● Gunter Gerhardt invited the group to attend a séance he was to hold for some out-of-town tourists. He asked for support because of the strange occurrences at his last séance at the Vargas’.
● At the séance, held in a hotel room at the Shoremist Inn, Gerhardt was overcome by a strange entity. His voice became other worldly, and told Maria “welcome to the widow’s club, Maria” He warned them to stop trespassing, and proclaimed himself “Atlach-Nacha”. He then partially transformed, growing 5-inch, saber-like fangs that dripped with fluid. Maria sprang into action (skirts a blazin’), and pinned him against a wall with the séance table. Jacob held the table against Gerhardt, telling Maria to get the gun out of his leg holster. Maria tried to pistol-whip Gerhardt to knock him out, but missed. Dorothy backed away in utter horror. Gerhardt then turned his head at an unnatural angle (there was a snap), sinking his fangs into his own shoulder.
● Dorothy and Jacob took Gerhardt to the hospital in Maria’s car, rushing into the patient loading zone and breaking an axel on a curb in the process.



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