Kingsport Society

Session 5

In which Dorothy dates, Maria shops, Jacob thumbs through archives, and Sam...makes paper airplanes.

Tuesday, May 5, 1925

A historical side note — on this day, high school science teacher John Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching evolution.

Jacob spent the morning at the Congregational Hospital getting his busted nose tended to. Later, he stopped by the police station to ask about Devon McCoy, Bradford Taylor, and Roger Hudson. Det. Mason recalled some facts about Taylor and Hudson’s recent deaths. Jacob found newspaper articles for more information.

Sam slept off the “strong medicine” he had taken to help him sleep after somewhat unnerving graveyard adventures. He finished an article for the Wednesday edition, promised to file something juicier for the Saturday paper, and called Jacob for a “late lunch” at Arruda’s.

Meanwhile, Dorthy called Maria to chat about the strange events of Monday night, and mentioned her upcoming lunch appointment with Gunter at The White Pier Cafe. Maria invited herself along as chaperon.

Dorothy and Maria met with Gunter, who showed off his new stereoscopic “spirit camera” invention and asked for advice about its construction. Dorothy offered to help fix some of its flaws. Maria offered the use of her Party Barge for a proposed trip to the Kingsport Lighthouse to test the camera. She also offered to host a meeting at The Cabot House on Friday.

Gunter also recounted strange events that occurred during a seance at the Vargas house some weeks ago. Ariadne had convinced him to act as medium to entertain guests, but after some concentration he felt a terrible darkness came over him and he felt like he was choking. When he became fully conscious of his surroundings again, Zoltan Varga appeared angry with him and threw him out of the house. Gunter felt it served the Vargas right for toying with spiritual forces, and that the incident could only be a sign of trouble.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jacob took a road trip to Arkham University, where they brought a bottle of hooch to Frank Marlin and found out that Bradford Taylor had attended MU but dropped out last semester and squatted in an abandoned house due to a falling out with his father. Marlin said the names Roger Hudson and Devon McCoy did not ring any bells.

The investigators also found out that the piano player at the Vargas’ party, Eric Luttgart, was a music student at the university. They caught up with him in a practice room, and found out that Luttgart was present with Eugene during the seance. He described how Gerhardt began choking and foaming at the mouth while making gutteral animal sounds, as though he was having a seizure. He also recounted how Zoltan had gotten angry over the display and threw Gerhardt out of the house.

Maria and Dorothy did a little shopping in town before the lunch meeting. They stopped at Neil’s Curiosity Shoppe, where Neil Hazlitt showed them an “old” book written in Burmese that appeared to have been artificially aged. Maria was unimpressed, so Hazlitt showed them his collection of drawings of sea creatures from around the world, a dried specimen of a fish-grasshopper-rooster-cat-lizard creature he claimed was captured by a fisherman on the Jersey Reef, and a collection of five grub-like creatures preserved in jars of liquid. A close inspection of one of the creatures revealed mammalian appendages. Neither of the women were phased by these “curiosities”, but Maria bought one of the grubs for a handsome sum of $25.

Later, the party met at Arruda’s for lunch. Sam ordered food for the group, a side of lamb prepared in red wine and paprika, but Dorothy and Maria only ate a salad with olives and cheese. The group swapped stories. Sam left the restaurant without paying. Jacob left $10 to cover the bill. Maria opened a tab at Arruda’s on Jacob’s behalf because he left far too much money behind.

For Wednesday:

Dorothy intends to tinker with Gerhardt’s camera and read her spirit photography book.

Jacob means to talk to Gerhardt.

Maria will spend some time exploring her own library, and dusting off a place for “George.”

Sam will spend the morning listening in to conversations on his party line, and collect hair from a barber shop for nefarious purposes…



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