Kingsport Society

Session 4

In which a funeral is held and the party stakes out the cemetery

Sam went to Eugene‘s dorm room at MU to talk to Eugene’s former roommate, Frank Marlin. Frank told Sam the the two of them were not close, though he was sorry about the death. He said Eugene was a bookworm until he met Ariadne. He said the dean collected Eugene’s belongings on Saturday after the news of Eugene’s death, and none of his things were left behind. Sam offered to buy Alcohol for Frank in exchange for any information he might find out about Ariadne from friends in common.

Maria picked up lunch for the group.

The group returned to Kingsport around noon.

Maria, Dorothy and Jacob attended the funeral at 2:00. Dorothy took a couple of pictures for the paper, but they don’t come out very well and Barry was displeased with the result. Just as she was leaving the office, Dorothy received a message from Gunter Gerhardt asking for a lunch appointment. She called him, having gotten his number at Friday’s party, and the two arrange to meet at The White Pier Cafe at noon on Tuesday. Sam called Dorothy at the paper to arrange a meeting at his house Monday evening.

At the grave site, Edwin Wilcox asked Jacob for an update on the investigation into his son’s death. Jacob told him about some of the evidence of book-collecting, but Mr. Wilcox seemed underwhelmed. He said he would stop paying for expenses by Wednesday unless something more substantial turned up. Jacob offered to continue looking into the case for free as a personal gesture. A little later, Grace Wilcox comes unhinged and throws herself on the casket. Maria and a family member managed to pull her away as she collapsed, unconscious. Jacob noticed a car parked on the road some distance from the grave site, and recognized Ariadne before she drove away.

Sam called the group for a meeting at the Fish Shack. He suggested staking out the graveyard in case anything strange, like grave robbing or profane rituals, might be going on. Maria and Dorothy went along, but stayed in a parked car to avoid being caught in an uncomfortable situation. Sam and Jacob sneaked into the graveyard, but Jacob tripped and fell while going over the wall, and broke his nose. Dorothy and Maria heard him cry out and went to investigate, but saw that they were (mostly) ok and returned to the car.

After a little while, Ariadne arrived, sneaked into the graveyard with a bouquet of flowers and placed them at Eugene’s grave.

Dorothy and Maria had a lovely chat in the car about Dorothy’s dating prospects.

Ariadne got into her car and drove away. Sam watched her pull onto a west-bound road, and realized that she might be headed out of town. The temperature dropped and fog rolled in to Kingsport. Sam and Jacob followed Ariadne to the Christchurch Cemetery in Arkham. Sam followed her to the cemetery, and saw her place bouquets at two different grave sites marked: Bradford Taylor and Roger Hudson. Meanwhile, Jacob searched Ariadne’s car and found a registration under the name Devon McCoy. He also found her keys in the ignition and made a rubbing of the outline on paper.

Ariadne eventually got back into her car and headed toward Kingsport. Sam and Jacob returned home, no longer following her car.

Next Session Preview:

Starting Tuesday, May 5th, 1925

Maria, at this point, does not have a plan for Tuesday.

Jacob recalls reading something about Bradford Taylor in the newspaper. He intends to call Arkham’s medical examiner Ephraim Sprague about the deaths of Taylor and possibly Devon McCoy. He also intends to call Dorothy.

Sam intends to ask Maria about Taylor and Hudson to see if she knows them or their families.

Dorothy intends to get ready for her lunch meeting with Gerhardt.



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